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10 Stylish Ways to Revamp Your Porch

by Jul 22, 2019Home Tips

Your home’s front porch is often the first thing visitors notice when they arrive. Is yours warm and inviting, or does it need a little help making a good first impression? What about your back patio, traditionally a comfortable spot to entertain family and friends? If yours is lacking in beauty or comfort, here are some tips for bringing it to life through color and design. Bonus: Most of these ideas are budget-friendly!

Front Porch Design Inspiration

Plants. There’s nothing like greenery to breathe new life into a space. Plants and flowers pack a lot of color for a small price. Put some in planters beside your door and hang others over your entryway to create attractive points of interest at different heights.

Doormats. Doormats are more than just a place to wipe your wet shoes. They come in endless colors and styles to complement your home. Choose one with a funny saying for a playful vibe or layer a smaller mat over a larger mat in a contrasting color.

Seating. Having a rocking chair or two by your front door adds an inviting touch to your décor. A swing or small couch can also be quite attractive. Add a small side table to make a complete sitting area where you can relax and enjoy a drink. Choose weather-resistant throw pillows to enhance the look.

Door. Is your front door a drab color? Repainting it is a quick and affordable way to make a huge difference in your front porch’s appearance. Choose a vibrant shade like red, blue or orange that contrasts stylishly with your home’s exterior. Teal, mint and soft gray are popular modern choices.

Lighting. The right lighting fixtures can make your home look statelier, more rustic, or anything in between. Look for matching fixtures to flank your front door and cast light from overhead or choose mismatched but complementary fixtures for a more casual, funky vibe.

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Better Back Patio Ambiance

Natural Elements. Features that bring nature to your patio are always a hit. Add climbing plants on a trellis, a small fountain, or a fire pit to gather around with friends and family.

Comfort. Seating is especially important on the back patio, where you have the space to lounge around with your group of loved ones. While new patio furniture can be expensive, there is always the option to buy secondhand and give the furniture a fresh coat of paint and some pretty new pillows.

Refreshment. A little bar area and a grill are wonderful upgrades for your entertaining space. They can be as simple as a charcoal grill and a side table where guests can pour their own drinks. If you want to get fancy, consider making them permanent fixtures in brick that matches your home.

Entertainment. Your guests will love having something fun to do during your get-togethers. Offer them a game table where you can play card games or boardgames together on the patio. Or you could hang a flat screen television and speakers so you and your guests can watch your favorite shows together.

Shade. Shady areas are prime real estate in North Texas, especially in the summer. If your back patio isn’t covered, consider adding a pergola that you can drape curtains from, or using patio tables with sun-blocking umbrellas. If you do have a covered patio, consider adding a ceiling fan to produce a comfortable breeze for you and your guests.

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