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9 Findings That Will Fail a Home Inspection

by Oct 24, 2019Inspection tips

When it comes time for your home inspection, the last thing you want to do is fail the home inspection report. As a home seller, you want to ensure your home will pass the inspection with flying colors. What items in a home inspection report will cause it to pass or fail? Here are nine things that will lead to a failed home inspection, and what to watch out for. 

1). Roofing Problems

Check for leaks, replacement needs, and loose or missing shingles on your rooftop. It’s very important to have a roof with nothing missing in order to pass your home inspection. Algae may pass, but mold and mildew threaten the integrity of your roof. Also, check for stains that may lead to mold conditions.

2). Electrical Issues

All electrical appliances must be up to code. Check for frayed wiring and replace any wiring that looks damaged. You won’t be able to do this once the home inspector shows up, so look carefully to see if you notice any damage, and hire an inspector if necessary.

3). Termite Damages

Check the wood around the floorboards and window sills of your house. Wood chipping piles usually indicate the activity of termites – a big no-no in any inspection reports. Get these checked out as soon as possible. 

4). Plumbing 

Do you have tiny pipes, leaking pipes, or malfunctioning water heaters? It may be time to replace these before the home inspector arrives. Call a plumber to assess any pipework that doesn’t look quite up to code. home inspections haslet

5). Mold 

Mold issues anywhere – in the bathroom or on the rooftop – could fail your home inspection. Deal with mold buildup immediately and scrub or discard anything affected by the mold. Even black mold can be dealt with using a good scrubber and solution.

6). Chimney 

Fireboxes, chimneys, and flues checking is all a part of the property inspection. Chimney cap cracks, missing rain caps, deterioration of the chimney chase, and defects in the firebox are notable interior defects with safety and liability implications. Any prospective buyer needs to be aware they exist since they’ll be the ones responsible for future repairs. 

7). Asbestos or Lead Paint

Asbestos is a dangerous mineral that causes mesothelioma, asbestosis, and Pulmonary fibrosis. When residents’ health is affected, it’s imperative to detect asbestos as soon as you can, and if found, will definitely result in a failed home inspection. Lead paint is another health hazard issue that must be discovered and dealt with right away. For best results, hire a professional to inspect your home. 

8). Foundation Trouble

Is your foundation sinking or cracked? This could result in flooding the basement or crawl spaces beside the home. Foundation issues are central to home inspection reports, to it might check to have these looked into. 

9). Windows and Doors

Oftentimes, windows and doors can stick, leak, or simply won’t open. Having this in your home on inspection day will definitely fail the inspection – and will have to be fixed before a buyer will be able to take your home seriously. Consider hiring professionals to take care of this issue so you won’t have to face the embarrassment of an inspector unable to force open a stuck window or door.

A home inspection is optional, but not a good thing to skip. These issues and many more have an impact on the home that the buyer will want to be aware of. And having a home inspector come out and look at the home is a good, impartial way to check out the home’s true colors and receive an accurate assessment of the home. 1st Choice Inspections hires professional inspectors to perform honest, fair and objective home inspections. Call now to get a quote or schedule an inspection today!


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