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Electrical Inspection 

Electrical Inspection

One thing you never want to mess with—by yourself, that is—are your electrical systems. Homeowners should never try to fix any electrical issues themselves. Anyone with limited electrical knowledge can not only cause severe damage to their home, but severely hurt themselves in the process.

A faulty electrical system results in common problems like surges, fires, and shocks—all of which absolutely no one wants to experience. That’s why 1st Choice Inspection Services recommends giving us a call if you think there’s even a minor issue with your electrical work. If anything needs to be looked at (regardless of how serious it is) don’t fret—just leave it to the experts.


The Inspection

When 1st Choice Inspection Services arrives at your home, we check for a number of things. Some examples of what we’re looking for include:

  • Double tapping
  • Undersized wiring
  • Open wiring
  • Undersized services

We begin with the service entrance and panels. Our inspector first records the basics: the location of the main panel, the type, and meter size. There is one important aspect we always check for around this time, and that’s making sure your water softening system is installed far away enough from your panel. If it’s installed too closely, it’s a safety hazard. Current standards require water systems to have a 36” clearance in the front, and a 30” clearance on the side of the panel.

Next, our inspector checks the branch circuits, connected devices, and the home’s fixtures. During this time, they also do all of the following (and more):

  • Confirm proper surge protection
  • Confirm arc fault interrupters are functioning correctly
  • Check wall outlets and switch conditions
  • Confirm appropriate light bulb wattage
  • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Check for potential fire and safety hazards
  • Recognize oversized breakers or fuses
  • Pinpoint any electrical mistakes performed by previous contractors
  • Distinguish expired wiring
  • Search for ways to help you save energy and lower costs

There is one thing we commonly see during inspections, and that’s the over use of extension cords. We get it; extension cords make everything so much easier! However, it’s vital that extension cords are never used for permanent wiring. This is a huge safety—and fire—hazard we want to avoid at all times. Instead, you should always plug the connected device directly into the outlet. If this isn’t possible, we recommend installing a new outlet in that location.


The Report

Once our inspector completes his thorough inspection, he will go over his findings with you (the homeowner). If you’re present at this time, he’ll walk you through the home and show you exactly what he saw (and didn’t see). If you aren’t present, it’s no big deal; our inspector takes pictures and videos, and will show you any and every detail, including potential problems.

Don’t wait for any electrical problems to show up, and don’t try to deal with them when they do. Call 1st Choice Inspection Services and let us complete a professional electrical inspection for you today. 

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