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How to Host a Perfectly Safe and Happy Holiday Event

by Nov 24, 20191st choice inspections, Holiday Safety, Home Tips

The holidays are coming! Will you be ready for the onslaught of guests about to enter your home? 1st Choice Inspection Services in Haslet wants every Dallas-Fort Worth family to have a safe and happy holiday. Before you answer the door, here are a few handy tips to keep in mind to keep your home safe for you and your guests this holiday season.

home inspection dfwPrepare the Entryway

Remember to clear the pathway for your distinguished guests to arrive, clearing any ice off the path to prevent slips, trips, and falls. Turn your holiday lights on and make sure they’re in full swing, shake your welcome mat out, and remove any unseen objects near your front door. If anything is a tripping or slipping hazard, it’s bound to trip up your guests on arrival! So cover up extension cords with cord covers for extra safety and double-check the sidewalk to your door and threshold area to prevent guests from falling.

Guests who will be arriving carrying large gifts need to use extra caution; the front door area during winter is a hazardous place – make sure it’s nice, dry, and free of debris before guests come, and add a mud-catching welcome mat for a homey and practical touch visitors can use before they step onto your carpet inside.

Prepare Your Kitchen

The kitchen is bound to be full of traffic during the holiday season. Just so your sink doesn’t get clogged, take care not to dump any food in the sink. Instead, scrape food into the trash and instruct guests taking care of their dishes to do the same. Just to be safe when taking the trash out, be sure to triple-line cans and bins with three trash bags, and fortify the bottom of the liner with a couple of sheets of newspaper to soak up grease. A leaky trash bag on Christmas Eve is nobody’s friend, so tips like these will save you both time and energy.

Boost Your Bathroom

A million bad-case scenarios can take place in a bathroom that’s unprepared for holiday guests. You can set the stage for your plumbing to handle whatever happens by informing guests not to flush anything but toilet tissue. Be careful not to leave paper towels in the room, and supply enough thin tissue for guests to use such as Scott, which can easily flush down delicate drains. Always leave a courtesy fresh-scent spray on the lid of the toilet and keep fresh towels within reach along with a scented candle or air freshener for a snazzy holiday experience.

Have a Cleanup Kit

It’s normal for an occasional spill of gravy or wine, so place a few items such as a microfiber cloth, brush, sponge, all-purpose cleaner, and brush in a decorative holiday basket with a sign that reads, “Uh oh!” That way, your guests don’t have to be embarrassed when they experience an accident.

Take Care of Your Valuables

If you’re having company over, it’s always a great idea to keep your valuables hidden or locked away. Anything that could be easily damaged or broken should be in a box somewhere out of sight until your guests leave. Put away anything tough to clean in a kid’s room, such as a rug that friends can step on, or a special pillow or toy. Finally, you can close off portions of the house with signs telling others not to enter.

1st Choice Inspection Services: A Safe Way to Prep for the Holidays

When you’re getting ready for the holidays and inviting guests into your home, the safest way to prepare is by having professional home inspectors give a quick but thorough visual examination. Inspections help you stay aware of any major signs of wear, tear, or system inadequacies that need fixing. 1st Choice is made up of a team of solid inspectors who give the best first look at what’s working and not working in your home. Contact us today to request a quote for your Dallas-area home inspection!


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