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How to Stay Safe While Hanging Rooftop Holiday Lights

by Dec 1, 20191st choice inspections, Holiday Safety, Home Tips

It’s been a pretty mild winter so far in North Texas, but you should still follow some important tips that will make hanging your holiday lights a whole lot safer this holiday season. Decorative lights in warm colors give your home the perfect holiday glow; you don’t want to spoil the occasion by ending up in the emergency room because you slipped and fell from the roof. At 1st Choice Inspection Services, we’re all about safety. Here are some things to consider when you put your holiday lights on display.

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Practice Ladder Safety

A sturdy ladder may be all that stands between your body and a quick, hard trip to the ground below. Check to make sure your ladder is in good condition before you set foot on it. Every rung should be strong and secure. Avoid using a ladder that’s slippery or wet, and always wear non-slip shoes when you climb up to the roof. If your ladder is old, weak, or damaged, it’s a good idea to try and buy or borrow a better one. Take the climb slowly and carefully, and never go on the roof if you feel dizzy or light-headed.

Hang Lights the Right Way

Now it’s time to strong up those dazzling lights! Holiday movies often show people stapling lights to their home’s exterior, but there are much better ways to hang them. Light clips are a secure way to attach your holiday lights to your home’s gutter system, which is actually the right way to do it. Hanging lights from your shingles or stapling them onto your roof will only cause damage and could require your shingles to be replaced. Simply put roof clips on your gutters and attach the lights to them.

Prevent Nasty Shocks

Most people don’t think about electrical hazards when they hang their lights, but shocks are always a possibility when dealing with electricity. Never use lights that appear damage or have exposed wires. Use GFCI outlets to prevent injury and shock. A strip surge protector should work well as an indoor power source, but not with an excessive amount of holiday lights. Make sure your indoor power extension cords are tucked safely out of the way so they don’t cause a tripping hazard.

View Other Holiday Light Displays

If DIY decorating isn’t your thing, there are plenty of holiday light displays you can visit in Dallas and Fort Worth. Arlington’s Interlochen display is a DFW holiday tradition. Interlochen homeowners love dressing up their 200+ homes in large holiday displays that make North Texas come alive. Lawns and homes shimmer with the beauty of the holidays.

Or take your family to see Six Flags Over Texas’s “Holiday in the Park”, when the amusement park turns on over one million lights and puts on five beautiful holiday shows. Enjoy hot cocoa, toasty campfires, a big tree, and Santa Claus in Santa Land. The celebration lasts from mid-November to the close of December.

1st Choice Inspection Services: Keeping DFW Safe for Over 30 Years

At 1st Choice Inspection Services in Haslet, we put safety first – always. Whether that means inspecting your roof to make sure it’s strong enough to support your weight and the weight of all your holiday decorations, or performing a full-home inspection for hidden hazards, we get the job done! Don’t climb up onto your roof this holiday season without permitting us to check it out first. Give us a call or go online today to request a quote for our outstanding inspection services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and everywhere in between!


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