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Plumbing Inspection 

Plumbing Inspection

Problems with your plumbing can lead to some seriously messy stuff—and we’re not just talking sewage smells. Plumbing issues leads to leaking water, which can cause all of the following problems: 

  • Damage to your structure
  • Increase of moisture within the home
  • Promotes wood-eating insects to move right on in

Fortunately, 1st Choice Inspection Services has a plethora of experience in plumbing inspections, so you don’t ever have to run into these problems.


The Inspection

Our inspection begins by looking at the water supply system and fixtures. We record important information like the location of the water meter, the location of the main water supply value, the static water pressure reading, the number of bathrooms, and if backflow protectors are present. Additionally, we check your water pressure—making sure it’s up to par. Not only is a low water pressure frustrating for taking showers or washing the dishes, but it points to bigger problems in your home.

Following that, we check your fixtures to make sure they’re in satisfactory condition. Our inspector checks for all the following: 

  • Corrosion
  • Leaks
  • Cracks
  • Deterioration
  • Missing bathtub or shower grout
  • A deficient seal around the tub spouts (a proper seal prevents water from getting behind)

Next, the inspector moves on to drains, wastes, and vents. The inspector looks for signs of damaged drains, which include any cracks, sewage smells, slow drainage, and excess subsidence around the area.

Another common problem we run into—and quite frequently—are clogged drains. Especially when you have a family (girls with long hair, we’re looking at you). Drains clog quickly, which create additional plumbing issues. This is why our inspector checks your sinks, ensuring no rotting and dripping exists. It’s fundamental that any issues with your sink gets fixed quickly; if you ignore them, you can end up with a collapsed sink. After this, we look at the toilets to make sure they are working properly—and efficiently.

After that, it’s time to check the water-heating equipment. We record the energy source, the manufacturer, location, and water temperature. Typically, we see water heaters lasting around 10 years or so. However, they do a lot of work. To paint a picture, an average family of four requires more than 400 gallons of water per day to fulfill regular needs. As you can see, your water heater works hard! This is why our inspector meticulously inspects for any signs of corrosion—and makes sure T.R.E.C. guidelines are met.

The Report

 Once we wrap it up, our 1st Choice Inspector goes over all their findings with you (the homeowner). We always make sure you fully understand everything we discovered, and what your options are proceeding. Don’t get caught in a plumbing mess; call the experts at 1st Choice Inspection Services, and let us do the dirty work!

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