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Structural Inspection 

Structural Inspection

When it comes down to the structure of a house, it doesn’t matter the age. Whether a hundred years old or brand spankin’ new, a professional structure inspection is always necessary for any home.  That’s why at 1st Choice Inspection Services, our goal is:

  • To determine whether the structure of your home is built effectively enough to carry the load placed on it
  • To ensure the structure continues to achieve its intended function

When we send our 1st Choice inspector, they’ll look at several elements; but the first is the foundation.


The Foundation

When our inspector arrives, he’ll first perform a thorough visual inspection for both the inside and outside of your home. He checks your interior and exterior walls, ceilings, floors, interior and exterior doors, windows, stairways, fireplace (and chimney), porch, balcony, deck, and carport.

When it comes to all those mentioned above, the inspector checks for signs of structure movement—or instability—which includes cracks, bowed walls, uneven floors, leaning chimneys, gaps where the walls and floors meet, and gaps in your door frames or windows. If the signs are present—or, if it isn’t looking too great—you’re going to want to correct the problem (sooner rather than later).


Roof and Attic

Next, we climb upstairs to inspect and check out the attic’s interior, as well as the roof structure. The attic typically reflects the condition—and history, in fact—of a home. A lot of times, the attic shows us clues to underlying problems that may be present in the home.

When we inspect the roof structure, we study the top layer of your home (including the eaves), flashing, rafters, and collar tile. Just like the rest of the inspection, we at 1st Choice Inspections Services want to make sure your home’s structure is strong, steady, and holding its weight.


The Report

Once our report is complete, we go over all our findings with you (the homeowner). Our inspector will make sure all your questions are answered, and that you have a complete understanding of the condition of your home’s structure.

Structural issues or problems left unchecked can be costly and time consuming if not discovered—and treated—early enough. Don’t let any of these potential complications sneak into your life, and we won’t either. Call 1st Choice Inspection Services today, and we’ll be happy to do a structural inspection for your home.



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