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The Most Common Problems a Home Inspection Might Reveal in Your Kitchen

by Mar 19, 20201st choice inspections, Home Inspections, HVAC Inspections

For many households throughout America, the kitchen is one of the busiest spaces. This means it is even more important than ever to make sure that any problems discovered during a home inspection are taken care of quickly. At 1st Choice Inspections in Tarrant County, TX, our team of professional inspection specialists has spent years helping property owners uncover and take care of a wide variety of problems, including concerns in the kitchen.

It can be easy to believe that a brand new home with modern appliances and high-quality surfaces would pass any inspection with flying colors. The hard reality though, is that getting a home inspection is even more important in these situations to be sure that there isn’t a concern that was overlooked during construction that could lead to more expensive repairs down the road. To help our customers, and our readers, get a better idea of the common problems a home inspector might find in a kitchen area, we decided to spend a little time diving into the topic. 

Unsafe Outlets

Power outlets in the kitchen are an important part of using countertop appliances and other tools. At the same time, if these outlets have not been installed properly, it could be a serious safety concern. Another important feature that outlets in this space should include is a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) because of the potential for exposure to moisture. A GFCI is vital for preventing sudden electrical surges, or even electrical shock. Because of the potential dangers of water and electricity mix accidentally, it is always a good idea to have a home inspection done to make sure everything has been installed the right way.

Leaking Appliances or Sinks

While it may be hard to detect, a slow leak on your sink or appliance can turn into increased water bill payments, property damage, and even sudden flooding if the problem isn’t taken care of. In most cases, a large leak will be impossible to ignore, but a slow or minor leak can be a slow drain on your property and resources over time. Several problems could be the cause of a leak, including bad installation, faulty hardware, or even the age of the system itself. Regardless of the reason though, it is always best to have an experienced professional handle a home inspection to detect this type of problem as quickly as possible.

No Water Shut-Off Valves

While this is a problem typically associated with older properties, it is still a safety concern that should be addressed if uncovered. Some properties only have a water shut-off valve at the street, which means that any plumbing problems that might happen on the property cannot easily be shut off, and will increase the damage caused by flooding and water exposure. Having a safety shut-off system integrated into your plumbing can be a very effective way to cut off areas of your property that may be leaking. This way, other areas can still function normally even while repairs are being done. 

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Whether you’re looking to sell your property, are looking to buy, or simply concerned about the overall condition of a building, its always a good idea to rely on trained professional inspectors to perform a thorough check that will uncover any important safety concerns that might easily be missed. With offices in Alvord, Keller, and Lewisville, our team is always ready to work with members of the community to perform a total property inspection that will grant peace of mind and a clear picture of any repairs that are needed. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away to find out more about our services or to get started on your own inspection process.



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