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Will Dallas Flood Conditions Cause Your Septic System to Back Up?

by Jan 18, 20201st choice inspections, Home Tips, Septic System Inspection

Dallas-Fort Worth has seen flash flood conditions in various parts of the Metroplex over the past week. The flood waters have made for stressful work commutes, hazardous road conditions, and numerous accidents as people try to go about their business. But what have the rising waters meant for homeowners?

Beyond the usual water damage that occurs when flash floods come into play, there is another hazard that could plague your home: septic system backup. 1st Choice Inspection Services will inspect your septic system to let you know if it’s up to the task and warn you of impending danger.

septic system inspections dfw

What is Septic System Backup?

The water that goes down the drains in our homes enters the sewage system, or the septic system in rural areas. In severe cases, you might even see dirty water coming back up through your toilet, tub, and sinks. This foul-smelling fluid is raw waste re-entering your home, and it’s not only disgusting, it could pose a health hazard for you and your loved ones because of the bacterial content.

What Causes Septic Systems to Back Up?

Heavy rainfall over a sustained period will quickly saturate the ground here in North Texas because of our area’s high water table. The water below the ground is very close to the surface. When heavy rainfall soaks into the soil, it soon meets up with the groundwater. This is why Texas is so prone to flash floods.

When the drainage field around a septic system gets flooded, there is nowhere for the wastewater to go. It would normally drain out into the soil, but when the soil is already full of rainwater, the waste backs up into your septic tank. Once the tank is full, the water backs up into your home.

Signs of a Possible Backup

If you’re noticing any of the following signs, you could be getting close to a septic system backup.

  • Toilet won’t flush
  • Bad odors coming up from your drains
  • Water draining slowly from toilets, sinks, shower and tub
  • Toilet gurgling or bubbling
  • Toilet running between flushes
  • Pools of water in your drain field
  • Unusually green grass on your drain field

These are all signs that your septic tank is filling up. Call us for an inspection right away!

Why Call 1st Choice Inspection Services?

You need to know if your septic system is in good shape or if it needs to be pumped or repaired. If your septic tank is getting full, you could be one heavy rainfall away from seeing (and smelling) wastewater inside your home. It’s a good idea to have a professional inspection before storm season gets underway.

At 1st Choice, we have a fully certified and experienced team of inspectors who are licensed with the Texas Department of Insurance. That’s important because only TDI-certified home inspectors can issue a Certificate of Insurability that is required before you purchase residential property insurance coverage.

Don’t Let Flooding Cause Your Septic Tank to Overflow

We will come to your home and inspect your septic system to make sure it can stand up to flood conditions without making a mess in your home. We also perform complete home inspections for homeowners getting ready to buy or sell, as well as plumbing inspections, roof inspections, structural inspections, HVAC inspections, and much more. 1st Choice has performed over 4,000 inspections in the DFW area, and we’ll be happy to check out the condition of your septic system. Call us or request a quote with our online form today!




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