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About Us

About Us

Michael hill’s 30 years of experience

Early History

After more than 30 years in the construction and inspection industry, Michael Hill is deeply involved with North Texas homes. Since graduating from TCU in 1987, he’s gone to work on thousands of projects—from construction, to inspection, to plumbing—with the best in the field. Michael Hill began his career working with the North Texas construction industry, gaining decades of experience with the ins-and-outs of building. He opened his own construction company—Hill’s Construction—and has been operating for over 30 years. His experience with each aspect of home construction and maintenance spans over several professions.

Throughout his time developing professional relationships with realtors, homeowners, and inspectors, the difference when working with Michael as opposed to conventional, single-field professionals was stark. Due to his knowledge of multiple fields in the home construction and real estate industries, the value he offers in home inspections surpasses most home inspectors. In fact, it was the long-standing professional realtors noticing Michael’s skill who suggested he become an inspector—and soon after, 1st Choice Inspection Services was born.

1st Choice Inspection Services

Acting as a jack of all trades for his experience in multiple fields, his knowledge—and physical know-how—superseded most single-field inspection professionals. With his deep experience inspecting North Texas homes, Michael Hill has satisfied thousands of North Texas homeowners. Being able to catch things most wouldn’t, Michael Hill’s services were rapidly requested within the North Texas community via referrals and word-of-mouth. His deep knowledge provides genuine service to homeowners, and his keen eye offers helpful knowledge to save their pockets.

What that means is this: 1st Choice Inspection Services looks out for the client’s wallet first. Unlike most conventional home inspectors, we don’t seek to fill our pockets with a check at the homeowners’ expense. If an inspection yields any factors that would end up charging the homeowner, 1st Choice Inspection Services remains transparent and fills the homeowner in to any and all advice that will save their pockets—and how to do that. As the ins and outs of a home is already second nature to him, 1st Choice Inspection Services makes sure to keep homeowners a priority—and they know that. These values, along with his sense of community, earned—and kept—him a rapidly-growing clientele.

Personal Service

Michael Hill’s honesty, diligence, and sense of service quickly established 1st Choice Inspection Services as a premier inspection service. As of this year, 1st Choice Inspection Services has conducted over 4,000 home inspections. Communities throughout North Texas see the difference, and know they’re receiving multiple fields of experience with a single company. Homeowners experiencing 1st Choice Inspection Services quickly realize that Michael Hill is not just an inspector—he is an established professional in multiple fields, in different aspects of construction, home development, maintenance, real estate, and more. Instead of hiring multiple professionals, 1st Choice Inspection Services is a single establishment with decades of extended knowledge in all aspects of home building. Ultimately, unlike most inspectors, we go deeper than conventional home inspections—and see the big picture.

For this reason, 1st Choice Inspection Services only conducts 2 inspections per day. Conducting more than 2 home inspections per day results in a poor quality inspection, inattentiveness, and rushing. Michael Hill’s skill comes from his knowledge of all aspects of the home (from foundation, to maintenance, to plumbing), and understands quality is everything. 1st Choice Inspection Services knows that each home requires time, attention, care, and exceptional quality service.

Michael Hill, a devout Christian, prioritizes the treating of people with respect and integrity. 1st Choice Inspection Services provides inspections with the highest standard, and works for the best interests of the clients—not personal interest. By dedicating his life to improving the lives of North Texas homeowners, he commonly provides his own personal phone number to his clients. Personal service and quality care ensures every nook and cranny is covered, and clients see and feel the difference.

TCU Alumni & Proud Supporter of Horned Frogs Athletics

Michael Hill graduated from TCU in 1987 and obtained his BBA in Marketing. Since then, he’s been a proud supporter of Horned Frog Athletics, and to this day, remains a season ticket holder for TCU football.


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