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Ventilation Inspection

Ventilation Inspection

Most people don’t realize this, but attic ventilation and insulation is a crucial part of your home’s functionality. When the temperature drops, for instance, it’s your attic that maintains a stable roof temperature—ensuring no ice dams form. Additionally, a healthy attic vents out unwanted moisture, promoting a balanced climate within the home.

Likewise, when the temperature shoots up, your attic’s ventilation and insulation expels the hot air flared by the sun (which gets trapped in your attic). If something isn’t working properly with your ventilation or insulation, it’s best to fix it as soon as possible; ignoring it can wreak havoc and unwanted damage on your home—resulting in expensive repairs.

If it sounds like your attic could use some attention, don’t worry. 1st Choice Home Inspection Services, the attic experts, will thoroughly inspect your attic’s insulation and ventilation in order to ease your mind.


The Inspection

After giving us a call, we promptly send our best inspection team to your home. Our inspector starts by recording the day’s conditions, which includes the weather (and any conditions), the current temperature, the time and day, and so on. 

This information helps our experts understand any current conditions surrounding your home, and the inspection itself. 1st Choice Home Inspection Services utilizes any and all information necessary to best serve our clients and their homes.

After the preliminaries are complete, our 1st Choice inspector will start getting their hands dirty. Once they enter your attic, the inspector records the type of ventilation you have currently installed, the approximate average depth of the insulation, and the approximate average thickness of vertical insulation. Next, they checks the conditions of the duct system, chases, and vents—followed by the filters.

A clean, properly functioning filter is a fundamental part of a healthy home; if it’s defective, dirty evaporative coils will continue building up until it becomes a health hazard—like sinus and allergy issues (yuck!). We highly recommend homeowners change or clean their filters on a regular basis—or every few months—to ensure they remain effective.


The Report

Once the inspector finishes inspecting your attic, they transcribe all their findings into 1st Choice Home Inspection Services’ custom Property Inspection Report. If you, the homeowner, happens to be home (or on site), they’ll meticulously go over every detail on the report and the inspection—step by step—and explain any and all findings.

During this time, they’ll also answer any questions you may have. If you aren’t around, however, it’s no worry; the inspector will send you the detailed report—along with numerous videos and pictures—to go along with the findings. If you have any questions or concerns about the report, you are welcome to give the inspector a call. 

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