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10 Tips for Slashing Your Summer Energy Bill

by Jul 16, 2019Home Tips

Texas summers are infamous for high temperatures and higher air conditioning bills. Between the soaring temperatures, kids alleviating their summer boredom with electronics, and everyone staying indoors to avoid the heat, it’s not unusual to see summer energy bills running several hundreds of dollars. We can’t do anything about the weather, but there are many steps you can take to lower your AC bill — even during the hottest Texas summer.

July and August are typically the hottest months in Texas, with temperatures climbing into the triple digits most years. If you don’t feel like your AC unit is up to the task of cooling your home this summer, call 1st Choice Inspection Services to check out your HVAC system. Our trained team of inspectors will make sure every component is running the way it should to cool your home with the maximum efficiency.

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10 Steps to Lower Your AC Bill


Step 1. Raise the Thermostat

If you and your family can tolerate an indoor temperature of 76 – 78 degrees while you’re at home, you could save money just by keeping your thermostat within that range. You can set it even higher when nobody’s home, but be sure to consider pets’ comfort as well.


Step 2. Check the Ventilation

If your ventilation system is blocked, it won’t be able to circulate air efficiently through your home. It could even overwork itself until it breaks. To prevent this, change your air filters regularly and make sure the area around your vents is clear of furniture or clutter.


Step 3. Use LED Lightbulbs

It’s well worth the effort to upgrade your incandescent bulbs to LED. They put out less heat, use 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer than incandescent ones.


Step 4. Use Cold Water

We’re not suggesting you take a cold shower, but washing your laundry in cold water saves energy and can prolong the life of your clothing. Only do laundry when you have a full load, and consider hang-drying. Reduce the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees.


Step 5. Check Your Seals

Your doors and windows should be sealed properly to keep out the hot air. If you can see daylight around their edges or feel drafts coming through, it’s time to get them re-sealed. This will reduce the burden on your AC unit.


Step 6. Close Your Curtains

This simple step can actually have a big impact on your home’s temperature. Keep things cool by closing your curtains to block out the sun. Even better, try blackout curtains for maximum heat protection.


Step 7. Avoid the Oven

You might be surprised by how much heat your oven produces when you cook with it. You can keep your home cooler by grilling out, making salads and other light summer meals, or using a slow cooker.


Step 8. Reduce Standby Energy

Unused devices still use energy when they’re plugged in. If you frequently use electronics, plug them into a power strip that you can easily turn off when you leave home.


Step 9. Look for Energy Star

An Energy Star rating means that an appliance or material is energy efficient. You can find this designation on everything from dishwashing machines to roofing tiles.


Step 10. Call a Professional

Nothing beats a comprehensive professional inspection to make sure you’re getting the most out of your energy dollars this summer.


Call 1st Choice Inspection Services to Beat the Heat!

Let our skilled inspectors show you ways to save money on your cooling bill. Our office is located in Haslet, conveniently close to downtown Fort Worth. We serve the entire DFW Metroplex and all the surrounding areas, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!



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