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6 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make for Your Home in 2020

by Dec 31, 20191st choice inspections, Home Inspections, Home Tips, Inspection tips

New year, new you! This old saying also applies to your home. If it’s been a while since all the systems in your home were inspected, now is the perfect time to call in 1st Choice Inspection Services in Haslet, TX. We specialize in home inspections and maintenance tips for homeowners across the DFW Metroplex. Contact us today to request a quote!

It’s hard to stay on top of home maintenance all year long, especially if you’re trying to do it all yourself. Here is a list of steps you can resolve to take in 2020 to keep your house in great shape and prevent surprise breakdowns that require costly repairs.

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1. Check Your Safety Features

Today’s homes come with all sorts of technology to keep homeowners safe and healthy. At the bare minimum, you should have working smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and a fire extinguisher. These things save lives. Your ventilation system and air filters should also be regularly checked and maintained to prevent pollutants from contaminating the air you breathe. 1st Choice is always happy to lend an experienced hand to make sure your home is safe and sound.

2. Check for Air Leakage and Drafts

Bad weather stripping can waste lots of money. When your home is cold and drafty in the winter, your heater works overtime to try and warm things up. This could lead to an overworked HVAC system that requires repairs or even replacement. Don’t let things get to that point! Let our trained professionals check your doors and windows to make sure your warm air is staying in and the cold air is staying out.

3. Get Your Roof Inspected for Damage

In North Texas, hail and high wind leave countless roofs with holes, dents, and missing shingles. It’s hard to see the extent of the damage from ground level, but it’s also dangerous to climb up on a roof that may have holes and soft spots. Your best bet is to get an annual roof inspection just before storm season kicks into high gear, and again after heavy storms have passed through your area.

4. Have Your HVAC Inspected and Serviced

You’ll be glad you kept your HVAC system in good repair when summer rolls around. As thermometers climb into the triple digits around July and August, North Texas air conditioners often break down because of heavy demand. Get yours a professional inspection to make sure it works when you and your family need it the most.

5. Clean and Inspect Your Gutters

You might be surprised by how many things clog your gutters. Leaves, dirt, debris, small tree limbs, birds’ nests, and much more can build up and prevent your roof from draining properly. Too much moisture backed up on your roof can lead to mold and algae growth or even water leaking into your home. Not good! Have your gutters inspected to make sure they are the right size, they have sufficient drainage, and they haven’t been damaged by severe weather or critters.

6. Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior

Time, the elements, and UV rays all take a toll on your home’s paint or siding. Give yours a thorough washing and a fresh coat of color to make it look bright and new again. While you’re at it, check for signs of insect infestation. Termites and carpenter ants leave telltale signs like holes in the woodwork and little bunches of chewed wood that look like tiny shavings. If you’re unsure, 1st Choice will come to your home to rule out these house-damaging pests.

Resolve to Get a Home Inspection from 1st Choice Inspection Services!

Don’t start 2020 full of worry about the state of your home. Give yourself some peace of mind by trusting your home’s health to our seasoned professionals. We inspect every nook and cranny, document our findings, and present you with a detailed report. Professional home inspections are an invaluable part of home ownership, whether you plan to put your home on the market or stay in it for many years to come. Call 1st Choice Inspection Services today to request a quote anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!


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