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How to Make Your Home Safe and Inviting for Holiday Guests

by Nov 16, 20191st choice inspections, Holiday Safety, Home Tips

If you’re planning to have a houseful of guests this holiday season, it’s the perfect time to do a home safety check to make sure everyone stays in good health and good spirits during their visit. Here is a helpful list of 1st Choice Inspection Service’s best tips for staying safe and comfortable while you’re hosting friends and family.

home inspections dfwDeclutter Your Home

It’s time to systematically declutter your home before guests arrive, and that means pulling everything out that you won’t need from your dining area, living room, kitchen, den, and foyer. Scoot those coffee tables and counter tops to the side of the house to keep things wide open and more spacious. Don’t wait until the day before the guests arrive – but if you do, put extra items in a big bag and store it in a faraway area such as your car trunk, basement, or closet that’s out of sight.

Add a Touch of Lights

Sparkle up your house with outdoor lighting so that guests won’t trip when they’re coming up to your house. Having motion-activated lights ready in your bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways ensures a safe experience and gives guests a safe means of getting around.

Free Up Your Entryway

Remember that your home’s foyer makes the first impression, so it’s best to make it count. Put a rug or small welcome mat by the entryway to prevent dirt from accumulating on the floor. Take away any umbrellas, shoes, or other clutter and place your hooks on the walls so that guests have a place to hang their coat and hat. A storage bench will help guests have a place to put their shoes and boots at the end of the day.

Add Your Own Coffee Station

Having a clean and ready kitchen is good for guests, especially during the holidays! You can move the coffee bar to another room so guests have a place to grab the coffee while you’re out fixing meals.

Make More Sleeping Space

Guests can customize the temperature of their room without having to mess with the house’s thermostat. If you have a guest room, take out the fixture of the ceiling and the light and fan combo. You can also get a rolling bookcase or folding screen to add some privacy for your sleeping guest. These are easy to just pack up and roll or fold away when morning comes.

Put Bathroom Supplies Out on Display

One of the best tips to add when preparing a house for guests is to leave important bath items out on display for your guests to use. This includes using toilet paper, toiletries, towels, and anything they might need. You can place these on the open shelves in front of guests so they can pick out anything they desire instantly. If you do not have space on the walls for shelves, put them in baskets across the bathroom instead, and give the tub a bath mat to help avoid falls. Make sure that each toilet is outfitted with a plunger too, just in case.

Hire 1st Choice Inspections to Check for Hidden Hazards

1st Choice Inspections is a professional home inspection company servicing the DFW area for thirty years. A division of Hill’s Construction, LLC, they provide objective, visual examinations of the home and assess its condition right away. For a wonderful, top-of-the-line inspection that keeps the hazards away at a major party you might be throwing this fall or winter, hire an inspections company like 1st Choice to clear the way for you.

1st Choice Inspections follows the highest standards in the industry for inspection services and is committed first and foremost to quality and professionalism in your home. 1st Choice’s inspectors are licensed through the Texas Real Estate Commissions (T.R.E.C) and are ready and able to assist anyone needing a professional and thorough inspection in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. Call today to schedule a consultation!



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