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Is Your Electrical System Naughty or Nice? We’ll Find Out!

by Dec 7, 20191st choice inspections, Electrical Inspection, Holiday Safety, Home Information

The holiday season is in high gear and electricity is in high demand. Lights and decorations are everywhere, electric blankets are coming out of storage, and families are sitting down to binge-watch their favorite shows and Christmas movies. Then there’s the central heat, the electric appliances used to prepare holiday meals, and the energy consumption of kids out on winter break. All those demands put extra stress on your electrical system. Is yours up to the task? Find out with a thorough pre-holiday electrical inspection from 1st Choice Inspection Services in Haslet, TX!

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Electrical inspections and repairs aren’t things you should DIY. It takes training and experience to know what to look out for because some signs of trouble are hard to spot. If you try and fiddle with the wiring yourself, you could end up starting a fire or getting a serious electrical shock. It’s always a good idea to call in a professional inspector to make sure every part of your system is in good working order and ensure you and your holiday guests don’t get an unpleasant surprise from an overloaded circuit.

Faulty electrical systems and outdated wiring cause holiday hazards and injuries. That’s why you should call 1st Choice Inspection Services if you suspect there may be a problem somewhere in your system.  Here are some of the most common electrical issues we see in customers’ homes.

The Naughty List

Outlets Warm to the Touch. This is a serious safety hazard that should be looked at by a professional. When your electrical outlet is warm to the touch, it could mean the wiring is overheating inside your walls. Over time, this could lead to fires.

Flickering Lights. Lights that flicker or go dim at times could be the result of a poor connection due to loose or corroded wires. This can cause sparks, overheating, and eventual fires if left unaddressed.

Light Bulbs Burn Out Fast. Again, this could be caused by a loose connection in the wiring. If the area experiences a surge, it could overheat, causing the bulb to blow out and increasing the potential for a fire to occur.

Breakers Always Tripping. If you find yourself having to constantly reset your breakers, it probably means your circuit is overloaded. You should have your system inspected to see if you need an upgrade.

The Nice List

Get a clean bill of health for your electrical system with 1st Choice Inspection Services. We’ll check every little detail to guarantee your electricity is working safely and efficiently. Once our inspector completes his thorough examination, he will go over his findings with you and walk you through the home to show you the areas of concern. He’ll even make you aware of potential problems before they turn into big ones that are costly to repair. There’s no better way to save yourself time and money this holiday season than to have us give your electrical system a thumbs up before your guests arrive.

1st Choice Inspection Services: We’ll Keep Your Home Safe for the Holidays

Don’t wait for electrical problems to show up before getting an inspection. Our experienced pros will root out potential issues and document their findings with photos and video footage. You’ve got more important things to think about over the holidays, so ease your burden by letting us do the hard work for you. Call 1st Choice Inspection Services and let us complete a professional electrical inspection for you today!


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